About Abby’s Deli

Amber Green Corporation owns and operates many retail and lifestyle brands in the food and beverage industry. The company’s mission is to lead and produce quality products using locally sourced and sustainable raw ingredients with green initiatives leaving a minimal carbon footprint, providing the most memorable and personalized attention to detail all while maintaining a fiscally sound budget.

The management’s vision of Amber Green Corporation has expanded with the genesis of a retail deli concept. In March 2008 the vision came to fruition with the establishment of Abby’s Deli & Take Out. The delicatessen is conveniently located on Greens Road in North Houston, in the vicinity of George Bush Intercontinental Airport and serves the general public, who have come to make Abby’s Deli & Take Out their delicatessen of choice.

Thanks to our customers’ continued loyalty, the delicatessen will undergo a striking transformation and unveil its new space two doors down in Fall 2015. A priority of the ownership is to remain forward thinking in the efforts to implement the latest available technology in order to benefit our customers. In this way the dining experience continues to be streamlined as we serve exceptional food with quality service at reasonable prices. A sleek new salad bar with a host of healthy options will allow customers to pay by weight. The options for choosing beverages changed dramatically with the addition of the Coca-Cola Freestyle® 7000 machine fountain dispenser. Now our diners can create 125 special blends of drinks that could only be longed for previously. In addition, digital menu boards communicate relevant, updated menu facts about daily specials and available items.

Renowned food, highly flavored and wonderfully savored— plus service backed by family pride. The Amber Green community – comprised of a global base of loyal customers including many local businesses, schools and private individuals. Social networking has become a part of the fabric of society, and so avenues such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram allow our customers to keep in sync with us.  Please follow us to learn more.