Abby’s Catering Pioneers State-of-the Art Cold Production Room

HOUSTON, TEXAS (April 30, 2014) — In keeping with their steady growth, long-range plans, and impeccable standards of food safety, Abby’s Catering (Abby’s), an established figurehead in the aviation catering and food service industry, has shown once again their pioneering spirit with the addition of their new ‘cold production room.’

The cold room adds an impressive 2,680 cubic ft. of space to the existing 6,300 sq. ft. complex and commercial kitchen that houses Abby’s aviation and corporate catering divisions.

According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, food establishments and commercial kitchens, must refrigerate food at 40 degrees, and have a ‘four-hour safety window,’ which allows food to be prepared while at room temperature. After the four-hour window, the molecular structure of the food changes and becomes unsafe. As raw foods are delivered early in the morning and refrigerated, the four-hour requirement for most kitchens starts early before consumers eat their meal.

Conversely, the implementation of Abby’s cold room allows a much more efficient and streamlined method. Chefs can now prepare food such as salads, sandwiches, and fruit and cheese, while in the cold room, resulting in the safety window commencing much later in the process. This results in food staying colder, longer, at correct temperatures.

“We are always expanding our organization and implementing the very best safety processes available in order to give our guests the freshest and most delicious cuisine possible,” shares Ursula den Herder, president of Abby’s Catering. “The cold room is a ground-breaking step that we have incorporated. When it comes to safety, we spare no expense.”

Abby’s Catering

Abby’s Catering was founded in 1980 and acquired by the current ownership in 1988. Abby’s core business still remains focused on the private and corporate aviation industry in the greater Houston area. Our clients are everyone from local executives, and celebrities to presidents and royalty who travel aboard their respective aircrafts. Abby’s Catering also caters many local businesses, companies, schools, and private individuals with fresh, sophisticated food presentations every time.

Abby’s Catering prides itself on the fact that all catering orders, no matter the size receive our undivided attention in its preparation and delivery in order to please our customers. For more information please visit or contact us at +1 (281) 442-8120.